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A bundle of thanks to you for all the thoughtfulness you’ve shown.

Thank you so, so much for all the wonderful care you gave Buck. Everyone at LaCrescent Animal Care is so caring, loving, knowledgable, helpful and so much more! All of you have chosen the perfect careers for yourselves. A special thanks to Dr. Brock, Jessica, Dani, Vanessa, Laura, and Joan for all of the special care he received when he was sick ( Sorry if I missed someone). When we get a new dog, we will definately be back. Take care and thanks again for everything! You made a very difficult time better, and we will never forget.


M, M, L, and A

and of course BUCK R.I.P <3

We want to thank you so very much for taking care of Daisey for us. It was so sweet of you guys to make a foot print of Daisey’s foot for us to remember her also. Thanks so much.

Thank You!

H. and S.

LaCrescent Animal Care Staff:

We want to sincerely thank you for being so caring and sympathetic during a tough time for us. Tucker and JR always get excellent care when coming to your clinic. We received great support for such a hard loss, which was appreciated. We will always have Tucker wherever life may take us, which is important to us. His ashes and paw print are such a great memory of our SWEET Tucker that can not be replaced.


L and N

Your kindness meant more than you’d ever guess, Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Dear Dr. Macon and Brandi,

Thank you for your kindness and understanding during Molly’s last two weeks. We appreciate more than words can express the care she received during her visits to the clinic, and your patience during our phone calls. After 14 1/2 years with Molly, the grieving process has been hard, but your compassion helps it make it more bearable.

We hope to be back to the clinic someday and look forward to seeing you again.


C and D

I would Thank you here or there. I would thank you anywhere! I would thank you on a boat, I would thank you with a goat, in the park or at the zoo….. ‘Cause that was awfully nice of you!

I would like to thank all of the staff that helped me and my dog Willy, after he rapidly progressed to the end stages of kidney failure. The staff and vets were very knowledgeable and there when I needed them 24/7. I appreciated the hopeful approach to treatment and honestly when it was time to call it quits. All efforts are appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you

Willy and C.E.

A Note from The Bendel’s

Henry is a memory now and he was so special. Thank you for showing such kindness and compassion to him as well as to our daughter and son-in-law. They have high expectations of professional individuals; you passed the test :)

Warmest Regards,

Nancy Bendel

A Very Special Thank You!

To the staff that cared for our Gus,

I wanted to let you know that our good ole Gus took his final walk into nature on Aug. 21st. We loved him dearly and miss him terribly. I wanted to say thank you to those that cared for Gus almost a year ago. You gave us and him more time. For that, I don’t have the words how much that means to me. I appreciate you all and thanks again for his care……. You really did give us more opportunity to love him just a little bit more each day and cherish every moment. He has brought us so much joy!

With Sincere Appreciation,

Thank You – Mark and Jeanne Foss and our beloved Gus

To the Editor,

This is actually just a very nice letter to the editor for LaCrescent Animal Care. We the Reisbigs, had to endure the loss of our yorkie “Cody” on Aug, 1 after discovering he had a very rapid and aggressive type of cancer. After working for more than 33 years in a hospital setting, dealing with the death of a pet was just as breaking as watching family members grieve over their loved ones. But the LaCrescent Animal Care was awesome. The respect and dignity given to our family was superb. There was no rush, we took our pictures, kissed our pet and said our goodbyes. We highly recommend this facility for your animal care.

You’ve got the BIGGEST HEART of anybody.

With people like you in my life, I know I’m deeply blessed. THANK YOU for doing what you do and being the kind person you are.

I just wanted to thank all the staff for being so caring and compassionate. Even though Ruger wasn’t a long time client, you all treated him like he had been going there for years. I have so much respect for what you guys do. You make me excited about entering the Vet Tech program this fall. I know you will forever be in Ruger’s heart for taking such good care of him. I miss him like crazy, but i know now that he is happier being pain free and being rejoined with his brother Chopper over the Rainbow Bridge. Again Thank You for all that you did for him.

M.T. and M.L.

Dear Staff of LaCrescent Animal Care,

Levi and the both of us just want to send out a THANK YOU for all you did for us this last weekend when we were camping at Pettibone on June 8th.

You all were such a great help to us and gave Levi such great care. Just wanted to let you know he is doing great.

We were so blessed to have such a wonderful care facility so close by. Wish you all well and THANKS a million!

Thanks so much for helping us and the care you gave,

Levi, Bruce, and Theresa Ottman

Cujo came in today for a laser treatment, and he is crazy active tonight! Thanks for putting some spunk back in my pup!


Thank you for taking such great care of Sophie.

From -

The Kroner’s

THANK YOU for contributing to the District 300 Foundation Fundraiser by donating cat food and dog food. Everyone appreciates your generosity.


Paul and Judy Ulland

I can’t express enough ‘thanks’ to the entire staff at La Crescent Animal Care.

You really DO care

You managed the perfect balance of professional and compassion.

Your sympathy card was unexpected and made me cry again…..

But thank you for his paw print and hand lettering his name in geen…

the color of his huge beautiful expressive eyes.

My heart felt thanks,


On behalf of the Coulee Region Humane Society, Inc (CRHS). I am writing at last to thank you, for your generous support for our ASPSCA Subaru Adoption event in December.

Your work to spay and neuter shelter animals resulted in 45 animals being adopted at the 3-day event. We placed 35 cats and 10 dogs. You are a good friend to the animals here.

Thank you again for your support…our work is possible only through the generous support of people and busineses like you, who help us make a difference in the lives of countless animals and people.

On behalf of the animals.


I wanted to thank you very much for coming in late and saving my cat . Your staff is awesome also. I was very impressed.
- Take Care, D.

Thank You. We can’t convey how grateful we are for the excellent care M. received and for always being available to answer all our questions and concerns.
- M. & D.S.

We are so appreciative of all the hard work, professionalism, patience and compassion that everyone at La Crescent Animal Care has shown R. over the last few days. Your high level of care did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Keep up the good work and thank you again.
- Sincerely, K. & R. E.

We have been blessed to have vets and staff like you to watch over our animals (kids)! We will not forget all the love, support and care we have received. To the Staff at La Crescent Animal Care, We just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU.
- T. & L. W.

My owners say they’re not “cat people”, but in the short 9 months that I’ve lived with them it seems I’ve won them over. They were so worried about me the night before my surgery they even cried.
I just want you to know that I am feeling great and I’m back to running the house. Duh! I’m a cat. That’s my job!
I’m getting into as much mischief as a cat can do & my owners are so happy to have me back, they don’t even care. I wonder how long I can milk this ?
- Love, L. L.

Your staff is wonderful-I wanted to express to you just how much I appreciate the wonderful care you give to my pups! They are my world and I hold them very near & dear to my heart.
- Thank You, M.H.

Thank you for getting B. in so fast yesterday, for your great care, and for going out of your way to get me the medicine I left! You went way beyond the norm!
- Blessings to you, K.A.